Manipulate Women FAST!


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 how to manipulate women



 Dating Tip 1: Manipulating women for their number


If you want to get the number of a girl never ask her if you can have it. This makes you look unsure and insecure. Always just tell a girl to give it to you and hand them your phone so they can enter it. By saying something like “Put your number in there and ill call you when I’m really drunk and depressed ;)” By adding a little humour to it you can distract her from the pressure of giving you her number. It makes her giggle and feel more relaxed. 



Dating Tip 2: Give Women Mixed Signals


A Sly way to get women attracted is to say one thing and then do another ;) Try telling her that you think she’s a very attractive woman and then go and give attention to other women and chat and laugh with other girls. This will really get her juices flowing as she will think that you are not interested in just looks alone! She will feel good about the compliment but will feel she has to do something more to impress you. ;)   


Dating Tip 3: Don't be predictable 


If women can predict your next move then you’re losing attraction FAST! A great way to keep women on their toes in the dating game is to do things that they don’t expect and then don’t do things that they do expect.  Try telling her that you will call her at a certain time and then don’t! You should then call her later and say you got caught up but you’ve been thinking about her a lot. 


Dating Tip 4: Point out little faults


You have to make women feel slightly insecure to keep them attracted to you. They need to feel like they still have to impress you to keep you attracted. A great way to do this is to wipe a bit of dirt off their face, even if there isn’t any there! You can point out little imperfections like a missed varnish spot on their nail or some slightly smudged makeup. Don’t be too drastic but just enough to show them that you notice their imperfections.  

Dating Tip 5: Lay down some rules


Try telling a girl early on what you don’t will and won’t stand for. This is a great way of establishing dominance within a relationship and it also shows lets her know that you won’t be pushed around like other men just to please her. Tell them how you don’t have time for bitchy women and how you are much happier as a single guy than when you’ve been with the wrong girl!



Dating Tip 6: Make her qualify herself 


You can make girls feel like they have to prove themselves to you. You can do this by accusing her and making presumptions. Try telling her that you think she might be a bit too “girly” for you or too “demanding” or anything that makes her think she has to show her other side to you.  


Dating Tip 7: Cut women short


If you’re having a conversation with her on the phone she may start to tell you a story about something. You sound entertained and get her to really go on about it. Just when she’s getting passionate you say “damn! I forgot I’m supposed to pick my friend up. Listen I’ll call you later”. Then hang up! She then gets left with a perfect frustration of wanting to tell you something but not getting a chance. This means next time you speak to her she will be bursting but make sure you set up the date and do it again ;)  


Dating Tip 8: Accuse women of being sexually forward 


A brilliant tip for creating attraction is to make out that you’re tired of women treating you like a sex slave! There are so many ways you can make this humorous and fun. Try making little jokes about how you never kiss on the first date and how you hope she’s not just looking for sex like all the other women ;) 


Dating Tip 9: Touch her confidently 


Touching a girl early on can her very attracted to you but it has to be done in the right way. Try talking about being healthy and then tell her you can tell how healthy someone is by the strength of their pulse. You can then give her a diagnosis by holding her wrist firmly to feel her pulse. This is a great way to give her a confident touch and will get some real sexual chemistry going early on.  



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