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tips on how to control women




Ask yourself this, would you like to be in a relationship where you are told what to do? Do you want to have to work hard to keep your girl happy? Or would you like to dish out the commands and keep her happy by doing what you would enjoy doing?



Control is a massive part of approaching, attracting and ultimately keeping a woman happy. Have you ever seen relationships where the man constantly has to do things that he does not want to because his girlfriend or wife wants him to do these things? I personally see it all the time. The guys always just agree because they want to keep their women happy and they want to avoid an argument. They end up what I call being “under the thumb” and it seems like the woman is always nagging at them and the guys just let them and always respond to their nagging. 



I’m sure that no one sets out to have this kind of relationship but it does happen, why? Because the men have no control over their women and the women have total control over them. No woman actually wants this kind of relationship but they end up nagging because they are frustrated at their partners’ ability to take control. So it seems like the women actually like being bossy but if you actually notice, you will see that it doesn’t make them happier; it actually makes them more stressed and irritable.  



So what’s happening here? Well you have to understand that women are not designed to take control and demand things, it is not in their make up. Women actually want a man who takes control, A man who provides them with stability and a sense that they wont get what they want all the time. This gives them a feeling of being looked after by someone who is more powerful, by someone who is not easily manipulated by others and this gives them a feeling of safety. 



Well you might say “Well surely a relationship should be equal and fair?” but what you have to understand is what is equal and fair to man is not always what is equal and fair to a woman. Men often tend to rationalise things and look for the answers in logical and reasonable ways whereas women are constantly looking for the emotional response that’s going to make them feel good about a certain situation. What you need to understand is that making her feel good is not about having to respond to her requests all the time. It makes a woman feel good when you take control, and that works in both ways, when you take control in something that you would like to do and taking control in something that she would like to do. For example, instead of a woman having to nag you to take them out for a meal, a great response would be to say no we can’t we go out for a meal on that certain day but take them out in a more spontaneous time where you are the one that has instigated and taken control of the situation. They will feel so much better about you doing something for them that they like when its you whose taken the initiative and are leading the situation.  



The point I’m trying to make here is you can have an equal relationship with a woman where she is getting just as much out of it as you are, but this isn’t accomplished by her giving 50% of the orders and you giving the other 50%. You should be giving her what she wants by ordering her to do the things that she enjoys and if you are with the right girl, you will enjoy it too. Women don’t want you to do something that you don’t want to do and this will only make them worse. It is far better to have 1 great date per month where you are clearly enjoying it as much as she is, than having weekly dates where she knows that you are doing it out of obligation. 



Control in a relationship is usually established at the very start of the relationship. The first impressions that you make to the girl often dictates the levels of control that you will ultimately have in the relationship. If you have appeared as easily manipulated, then women will try to manipulate you. If you appear as the jealous kind then they will try to make you feel jealous. This is because women constantly test men against their criteria to see if they match up. They won’t be attracted to a guy who they can walk all over so if they see a guy who looks confident, they will try to test that guy to see just how confident he is if he passes the test then he has created even more attraction.  

Women love men who take control. Now I’m not talking about military leadership and oppression, I’m talking about being a inspiring leader, making decisions and getting people to do what you want with out force.