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sly dating tips for men


Right! Lets not mess around! Its time to show you how to get women.

We're not here to waste your time but to give you quick, ready to use dating tips for men. Our dating tips are solid and we guarantee men will have more success using them. If you are looking to get more women into your life then you will most certainly want to read this site!

Most dating tips will tell you to buy her flowers and take her out for a nice meal but men will waste their time doing these things if they don't have the right inner game. Our dating tips concentrate on techniques that will get results so please don't be offended if they are not 100% ethical, we're just giving you what works ;)

At Sly Dating Tips we believe in putting the power back into men's lives. We believe that men should have the right to womanize and get what they want out of women... Let's face it, you can't make women do what they don't want to do... So if you treat women mean and they're still very keen that's not your problem... It's up to them if they want to leave you or not (but they never do!) It works every time...

Sly dating tips will show you how you can manipulate women and gain control in the dating game. Now some men will say "I don't want to lie and be fake to women" and we say "fine!". Just carry on doing what you’ve been doing and get zero success with women. 

Most dating tips for men will tell you to treat her well, open doors, be a gentleman and all of that crap but we know that this stuff never works with attractive women! You need to get them attracted first and if you display typical courting signals to her early on then FORGET IT! You will look needy, boring and far too easy. 

Attractive women are very different from ugly women in one major way. They are also used to guys crumbling in front of them over their beauty. This is where most men fail!  Treat hot girls like you would your friends, very casually and confidently. Make sure you show her that you are not bothered about her unless she has something to impress you with. Sounds cocky but trust us. It works!


You need to get sly when dating women in fact, dont date them just TAKE THEM!